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Peering into the world of editorial design, Lux Magazine was my attempt to bridge the gap between handmade and digital realms to create something that went beyond the glossy paper and bold type of most publications. Standing at 40 pages, Lux was filled almost entirely with self-generated words and illustrations that went hand-in-hand with my theme, "How to Live a Beautiful Life". This, in direct correlation with the growing prominence of internet subculture (through Tumblr.com), and then reinforced by the concepts raised in the movie adaptation of "The Virgin Suicides" by Sofia Coppola, Lux poises an invitation for the reader to reflect on their own experiences and interpretations of what it means to live beautifully.

Lux is for those who aren't afraid to take risks, put themselves out on the line and be different. It's for those who aren't living vicariously through others or through a computer screen. It's ironic, it's a contradiction, it's messy. It's a captivating, permanent dream-like state. All-in-all, Lux is a small step towards design based on personal connections instead of a pieced-together conglomeration of unrelatable irrelevancies

To me, Lux wasn't just about designing layouts and illustrating type. Rather, it was about creating something that was substantial and interesting; something that I'd be compelled to pick up, regardless of the design. It boasts an interview with Courtney Clark from Tumblr's Dirtylittlestylewhoree, and includes photographs by Maegan Fidelino and an insert listing Gala Darling's suggestions for living a beautiful life.

Download the issue here.