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The term 'hipster' is nothing new - it was derived from the word 'hip', meaning on-trend and informed, and it dates back to as early as the 1950s. Though it can be applied to many different contexts, it is more generally a term that deals with a particular socially-imposed aesthetic. Most recently, the hipster subculture has exploded onto the internet scene, many choosing to parody the nature of this particular group.

Considering a sterotypical hipster thrives on the idea of being completely individual, I thought it would be humourous to pick apart the generic and almost predictable nature of what one might classify as being 'of the moment' or 'current'...(cue galaxy backgrounds, triangles, polaroid cameras and denim jackets). By exploring the realm of 'found' type, I customized a denim jacket to don this current hipster symbolism, and then photographed it on Bianca.