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Inspired by cool-toned VSCOcam filters, cute puppies, and good hair, my name is Danielle Roche and I am a twenty-two year old person currently residing in Toronto, Canada. I recently completed my Bachelor of Design degree at York University and Sheridan College and currently divide my free time between freelance writing and maintaining my online shop, Kastor & Pollux. When I'm not doing that, I'm the managing editor and creative director of MTV Canada's style blog, FORA.

Generally speaking, I'm an overachiever with a lust for life and cheesy romantic comedies. However, I'm 98.9999% sure I'm going to end up living my life alone in a basement inhibited by various cats - something that doesn't really make sense because it's a total contradiction to the entire overachiever/lust for life/chick flick thing. Also, I am allergic to cats.

I know all the words to every Demi Lovato song and I watch family channel in copious doses; mainly because Wizards of Waverly Place is on a lot and David Henrie is attractive. Also, the other day a man called me the Asian version of Taylor Swift but I found myself really insulted because I knew he was lying. After all, I clearly don't have the voice of a choir of angels. Looks are another story though, because in that sense we are pretty much identical. Therefore, I suppose I'll forgive human kind for sending such ignorant people out into the world.

And I know all this information does not seem like it's doing any more than scratching the surface of such a complex being such as myself, but I am doing my best to be as genuine as I possibly can in as few words as possible. After all, the Taylor Swift comparison just says it all. I don't even know why I'm still writing to be perfectly honest with you.

Anyway, so besides being generally awkward and too sarcastic for my own good, I live to create things. Though my foundation is predominantly digital, I consider myself to be a very versatile artist who is very detail-oriented. As well as a little bit insane. But I'm sure that's pretty evident already. Anyway, I read an article with MK Olsen in Nylon Magazine back in 2007 where she is quoted to have said "Everything I do has to be visually appealing to me..." and I was just kinda like "Wow Mary-Kate, you are so profound!" because I am totally like that.

The end.

P.S. I was totally joking about the Taylor Swift thing...just so you know.


Ever since the age of 12 and a ruthless addiction to Neopets.com, I've been constantly working on expanding my horizons in the arts. Previously, my background was completely traditional, but my exposure to digital design eventually consumed my body of work. I constantly reiterate that Neopets is the solitary reason why I decided to pursue an education in graphic design, but that's a completely different story.

It's been a constant work-in-progress, but my work now combines the intimate details of traditional theories through a digital medium, celebrating mixed-media concepts and illustration as a predominant foundation for everything that I do. With a high focus on hand-typography and colour palattes inspired by clothing that I have in my own closet, I've convinced myself that the way in which I design is much the same in the way in which I dress; very methodological, often unconventional, and necessarily complicated.


Like my work? Think I'm cool? Just want to chat? Drop me an email, I am a nice girl and I am currently open to freelance work and collaborations of any caliber.

Email me: daniesque@gmail.com
Resume: Download here